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Most Salespeople are Weak at Selling Strategies

[caption id="attachment_1583" align="alignleft" width="238"] Selling Strategies[/caption]Selling Strategies....Bold statement about selling strategies, but it's true. There are millions of salespeople in the world, and from my experience, over 99% are average or poor at selling. I get regular

13 Huge Mistakes Made in Sales Negotiation Techniques

[caption id="attachment_326" align="alignleft" width="300"] Sales Negotiation Techniques[/caption]Sales negotiation techniques in meetings are an important part of leaders and sales executives everyday business life. They can, however, also be a recipe for disaster, if you’re not aware of all

Managing Employees with a Negative Attitude

[caption id="attachment_1436" align="alignleft" width="300"] Negative Attitude[/caption]Negative Attitude - If you have employees with a negative attitude, and the employees aren't properly managed, they can damage the productivity, and drain morale out of your business quicker than it takes to evacuate

Shut up! SHUT UP!! – Do you have Good Listening Skills?

Most people are poor listeners. Whether on the phone, or face-to-face. We spend around half of our time listening; or do we? Do you have good listening skills?Think of the last conversation you had with a someone. Can you write down all that was said? Probably not! It’s surprising how little you

Intrinsic Motivation for Better Leadership

[caption id="attachment_1389" align="alignleft" width="300"] Intrinsic Motivation[/caption]Have you ever noticed some days seem to pass quicker and happier than others? You don't seem to know why it is, but everything has fallen into place. You've had a good laugh at work, and the staff and customers

Are You Effective at Motivating Employees?

[caption id="attachment_1424" align="alignleft" width="300"] Motivating Employees[/caption]Motivating employees, in leadership, is a constant process. Motivation comes from within. How you motivate yourself, has an indirect effect on others and motivating employees if you are a leader. Motivation

Why do People Buy? – Selling Skills

HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO BUY FROM YOU - Selling Skills Let me ask you a question…… Why aren't people more successful when selling?It's not the job! It's not the product or the service! It's not the territory. It's not the industry. So what is it?It's the sales skills, or lack of them, and the

In Structured Selling; What’s Wrong with this Scenario?

Max had a 9:00am appointment with his doctor. In the waiting room, at 9.30am, he was escorted into Dr. Roberts’ office for his examination. The doctor was running half an hour late.Dr. Roberts started to tell Max all about himself. Where he was born, where he grew up, where he went to school, where

Is Your Behaviour Holding You Back?

Q. Are there any right or wrong behaviours?A. No! There are only wrong attitudes which affect the behaviours.Q. Is there a 'best' behaviour for leadership or sales?A. Yes! There's a parameter of behaviour which has proven to produce the best performance from both the leader and the people

Shoot! – Take the Shot! Is Closing Sales Like Scoring Goals?

I once played with a football (soccer) team where, when we got to the goal area, people kept passing the ball, rather than shooting for goal. One of the mid-field players started getting angry, shouting, “Nobody knows how to finish!”I guess he was right. It was a newly formed team, and no-one

Does Your Leadership Inspire Change?

We can’t change people! People change themselves. We have to create an environment which is conducive to change, so that people want to change themselves.One very successful way of doing this, is to coach them on their behaviour and emotions. Grow their emotional intelligence. Get them to understand

Do you Underestimate the Value of Sales Training?

Zig Ziglar once asked “What’s worse than training your sales team and losing them?”, his answer was... “not training them and keeping them!”Many companies have little regard for training, and often use excuses such as, “We don’t have enough budget. We only hire experienced sales people.

Leadership, Motivation and Body Odour (B.O.)

My 3-year-old son had just started nursery, and the nursery was just what you’d expect it to be like… A miniature world of fun and games, to make the environment conducive to a pleasant introduction to the next stage… full-time school. All except, that is, for one thing. The room wreaked of BO.

Why do Some Salespeople Perform Better Than Others?

Why is it that some of your sales people aren't as successful as other members of your team? After all…. if they're selling the same range of products, in a similar territory and to the same type of marketplace? Which of these skills are they lacking? Sales skills, behavioural knowledge, the right

How Important is a Handshake in Selling and Leadership?

A strange thing happened in a workshop I was leading a couple of weeks ago. One of the team asked me the following question. “Glenn, when you meet someone in a sales situation. Should you always offer your hand to shake the other persons?” I was quite taken aback. Perhaps I, like everyone else,

Does a Visionary Leader Still Have Room for ‘Divide and Conquer’?

One way of handling angry customers.  Is it still appropriate to use ‘divide and conquer’ techniques in visionary leadership? I watched this video of Korean Police with interest, as they used ancient Roman military techniques to divide and conquer the aggressive protestors.It reminded

Body Language – Can YOU Really Tell, When Someone is Lying?

One of the more frequent questions I'm often asked about body language is:- "Can you really tell what people are thinking, just by looking at their body language?"The answer is a definite, “Yes”. Generally, that is; most of the time, you can tell what people are thinking by looking at their

Did You Know There are Rules to understanding BODY LANGUAGE?

If you want a thorough understanding of how to interpret other people's body language, and how to use your own, to best effect in communication, then you must follow 7 basic rules of interpretation.In this picture, without these rules, there could be a number of interpretations… Relaxed? Legs ache?

Do you Lose Your Deals on Price?

A Better Proposal Method is the Most Important Sales Tool A colleague of ours, was recently told he’d lost an industrial chemicals account, based solely on price. The buyer had told him another company had repeatedly attempted to beat the price quoted, and finally, after several attempts, managed

Motivation to Sell in a Recession

The Motivation to Sell in a Depression, comes from Within Just because the economy is in recession, it doesn’t give you an excuse to sit back and accept the situation and lose your motivation to sell. Sure, for 80% of us, times are hard. And they are certainly no harder than in the training and consultancy

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